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—  I celebrate individuals and organizations advancing humanity, inclusive leadership and social impact. My camera, heart and words are my tools. Scroll down to learn more…


I was born of both struggle and fierce resilience. I grew up knowing the strange dichotomy of what it was like to be treated as “other” because of my LatinX heritage, and yet to present as white and live with privilege because of my last name. As a woman in the U.S., I learned to carry on despite the sexual assaults from my youth and attempts (via Rohypnol) into my adulthood. I persevered through a period of depression and anxiety after having my babies. The list could go on. These experiences don’t define me. And yet, they have shaped me and allowed me to use my empathy, privilege and lens to help others. I have been fortunate to come out on the other side of my experiences with great learning and purpose.

I have had the distinct honor of helping others to document their greatest joys or deepest sorrows. I have photographed births and the passing of life, weddings and funerals, the ordinary and the extraordinary. I value the truth (and vulnerability) that lives in each of our stories. I want to give others the opportunity to share their truths, and to be seen (or heard) for who they truly are. I want every human being to feel worthy and to know that they are enough.

As a seeker of inspiration, growth and understanding (through each of my trials), I realized that we were seriously lacking in photography, media or stories that represented all kinds of women, people of color, and every day role models (or heroes) whom we could learn from. I have wanted to be part of the solution to this issue… every day since.

If I can serve others in this capacity, and use my gifts and talents to help advance the welfare (and life) of other human beings, as well as elevate the leaders and change agents who are breaking barriers and fighting injustice in the institutions of our society… than I can continue to heal a part of myself while building (or restoring) faith, confidence or dignity in the subject matter and in those who were born of their own struggle and resilience.



Sarah Lehberger is a photographer based on the shoreline of Connecticut, just 90 mins from NYC, in the small town of Easton. She's a wife and mother of two, and she specializes in photography that celebrates individuals, personal brands and organizations advancing humanity, inclusive leadership and social justice.

Sarah is also the Co-Founder of She Will Thrive, a movement to empower women to thrive through community, conversations, collaboration and consulting. Sarah's career started in the news and entertainment industry. A storyteller at heart, she began photographing weddings in 2003 while also working full time at Getty Images, NY in their editorial department. Sarah decided to launch her business, Afterglow Photos, in 2005 and received numerous awards and features through the wedding industry. 

Sarah rebranded her business in 2013, and has been collaborating with unstoppable women, advocates, change agents, movement drivers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives, founders and CEO’s who transform lives everyday since. She is passionate about representing humanity with honesty and dignity. 

I Believe

that art can TRANSFORM.

in being and raising intersectional FEMINISTS.

that a yearly ADVENTURE, Thelma & Louise style, is a complete necessity.

in challenging the status quo to fuel understanding, change and PROGRESS.

that mothers are the bravest ADVOCATES that I know.

that great LEADERSHIP starts with empathy.

that f(r)amily, fish tacos, Jalapeño margaritas, and the ocean are heaven on EARTH.

in advancing perspectives that are truthful, hopeful, and encourage us to THRIVE.

that our greatest beauty lives in our imperfections, diversity and our shared HUMANITY.

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“Truth can only be seen by those with truth in them. He who does not have Truth in his heart, will always be blind to her.” - Suzy Kassem