MOTHERS ARE A FORCE to be reckoned with.

A gym membership is like therapy. It’s a necessity!

The most beautiful women I’ve ever known are clothed in STRENGTH and DIGNITY.

The distribution of household labor is essential. I wash, you fold, or we outsource.

It's about balance. Some days it's green smoothies and bone broth, other days it's brownies.

CONFIDENCE and AMBITION are way more interesting than conformity.

A yearly adventure, Thelma & Louise style, is a complete necessity for me.

We must put our DREAMS into action. If not, they remain our thoughts and fears.

My last meal in prison would be fish tacos and a shot of Jalapeno infused tequila.
(What? Like you've never thought about this?)

The days of the silent and self-sacrificing martyr, Mom, need to end. Let's be VISIONARY!

Moms need the following items to survive: dry shampoo, a good manicure, coffee and wine.

We are capable of the impossible, and I always cheer for the underdog.

Motherhood is our HIGHEST CALLING, and it doesn’t have to be our only one...


Sarah Lehberger is a photographer based on the shoreline of Connecticut, just 90 mins from NYC, in Easton. She's a wife and mother of two, and she specializes in photography that celebrates unstoppable women and their families. Sarah is also the Co-Founder of She Will Thrive, a movement to empower women business owners to thrive through community, coaching and workshops.

Sarah's career started in the news and entertainment industry. A storyteller at heart, she began photographing weddings in 2003 while also working full time at Getty Images, NY in their editorial department. Sarah enjoyed the fast-paced and glamorous events she would collaborate on, yet deep down she was craving more purpose driven work. In 2005 she decided to leave the corporate world to launch her business, Afterglow Photos, which received numerous awards and features through the industry. 


In 2013 Sarah rebranded her business so she could continue her mission to celebrate women, with a new focus on mothers. She feels strongly about empowering women and working moms to succeed, and has been a speaker at workshops and conferences such as S.H.E. Summit, ShootDotEdit's Unlimited Happiness Tour, Inspire Photo Retreats, as well as a past coach and mentor for Team X Academy.