What Matters Most in Your Life? | Fairfield County Family Photographer

Am I the person who you can let into your home, heart or the most important events of your life? Am I the person who you can count on or trust to know what matters the most to you? Am I the person who will allow you to be yourself and will bring out the best in you? Am I the person who will listen, support and encourage you on this journey? I sure hope I am this person (and photographer). That is what I strive to be for each of you, so when the years go by and we get to celebrate your union, your new job, your growing family, your special occasions or joys in life… it is my greatest honor to be your trusted partner with whom you share these days with.

This family holds a special place in my heart, and I wanted to share some of their life with you. We first met when they were planning their wedding a few years back and I immediately knew that they were amazing together. After photographing weddings for quite some time, I was lucky to be able to sense the connection and intimacy between two people early on. Connection and intimacy are hugely important because they are built on trust. Lauren and Andrew had that and so naturally we were a match made in heaven.

I pride myself on building that same kind of trust with my photography clients because I want them to let me in on their most intimate moments so I can document the things that matter the most.

And so when Lauren and Andrew asked me to come photograph their "new normal" or a day in their life with their first child, DD, I could not wait to be a part of it! We talked about the things that they loved doing together on the weekends. And that's what we would capture this time around. Because life with a toddler is active and they didn't want to forget any of it! Here's a peak into their new parenting life with their spunky daughter, DD...

Lauren's thoughts on becoming a mom and new parent...

"I have always dreamed of becoming a mother and hoped and prayed that one day I would have a family of my own. I would say the most surprising part of being a parent is the way in which your heart overflows with love! I never knew it was possible to love another this much. I also never realized how long it takes to get out of the house with a baby/toddler! I remember the days of running out the door with a coffee and my keys! Now I need to plan the night before and make sure there are snacks, diapers, change of clothes, wipes, toys, books, and pacis. All while I drive off forgetting my coffee in the kitchen. Thank goodness for all the drive through Dunkin Donuts!" :-)
"DD has changed our family in a tremendous way. Our life is full of craziness but filled with LOVE! I want to teach her to always be grateful for what she has and work really hard in life. I want to give her all the things that I did not have without spoiling her (too much)!  Working and being a mom is the hardest thing in the world. I am so grateful to have my career and was lucky enough to stay home for the first year and keep my teaching position. However, going back to work was WAY harder than I realized. It took me a few months to get into a new routine and balance all of the things in life that must be done!! I missed her so much… but knew how important it is for her to see me working and realize that women are able to do it all."
"Each day DD does something to make me laugh out loud! I had heard from so many mothers, that the days are long but the years go by so quick! I can truly say that I believe that now. I will miss her saying...” Mama I’m your DD girl"… as I don’t see that lasting into the teenage years."

Thank you Carlson family for welcoming me into your lives once again, and for being the gracious people that you are! My sentimental heart loved hearing about the history of your (newish to you) home, and all of the love and time that you put into the renovations.

Watching you interact with DD and seeing how you nurture and play in your new role as parents truly warmed my heart. She is one determined little girl and I just loved her energy! I see many lemonade stands, family picnics, and sunshiny days at the beach in Rowayton in your future. And one day, when DD is old enough to look back on these photos and to see the sparkle that she put in your eyes, she will know how truly lucky she is to be yours and that she mattered the most!