Her passion for teaching. Meet Renee

When I first photographed Renee a few years back she was in the middle of changing careers and reinventing herself. She decided that she wanted to be a teacher and that her years in fashion marketing and product development were coming to a close. She was also in the middle of having babies, so I photographed her little ones and at the time she was not in the photos. Fairfield CT Working Mom

Now, a few years later she has three school-aged boys. To say her life is non-stop would be an understatement. So on this day, Renee wanted to slow down with her loves and spend time together and finally be in the photo. She knows she matters, and she wants them to know how much they matter to her too.  She has so much to be grateful for, including their action-packed life and their support when she decided to go back to school to follow her dreams.

Fairfield CT Family Photographer

Life with three young, active boys and having a successful career can be a constant juggle.  One thing is for sure, Renee isn't afraid of a little challenge.  In fact, I get the feeling that she thrives in intense or demanding situations… after all, she is a 3rd grade teacher now. ;-)

Fairfield CT Family Life

Helping kids and making a difference in their lives is what Renee loves most about her work, and let's face it… she probably doesn't get nearly enough thanks for all of her dedication and the blood, sweat and tears that go into empowering children, changing their lives and being their fearless leader.

Fairfield CT Family Photographer

So today, as you look back upon these photos and how much you've accomplished with your career and your family in such little time, I hope you will take some time to celebrate yourself and all that you do. You mean the world to all the kids you influence in school and those who also live under your own roof.


Fairfield CT Family Photography

Renee (and teachers everywhere), You fuel more than just a kid's learning or interest, you inspire them to dream, to achieve, to pursue their passions and be the best individuals that they can be. You care, you support, you nurture and protect. You do all that just by being YOU! From all of us who don't get to say it often enough... thank you!

Sarah Lehberger

Easton, CT

Sarah Lehberger is a photographer based on the shoreline of Connecticut, just 90 mins from New York City, in the small town of Easton. She specializes in photography that celebrates working Moms and their families. She is also a Co-Founder of She Will Thrive, providing business coaching, retreats and workshops to women entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners.

Sarah's career started in the news and entertainment industry. A storyteller at heart, she began photographing weddings in 2003 while also working full time at Getty Images, NY in their editorial department. Sarah enjoyed the fast-paced and glamorous events she would collaborate on, yet deep down she was craving more purpose driven work. In 2005 she decided to leave the corporate world to launch her full time wedding business, which received numerous awards and features throughout the industry.

In 2013 Sarah rebranded her business so she could continue her mission to celebrate women, with a new focus on mothers. She feels strongly about empowering women and creatives to succeed, and has been a speaker at conferences such as ShootDotEdit's Unlimited Happiness Tour, Inspire Photo Retreats, as well as a past coach and mentor for Team X Academy.