Resolutions or Goals? I Choose Goals.

Here are the definitions...

resolution - a decision or determination; a resolve or goal - the result or achievement toward which effort is directed

I choose to make goals. They show effort and a journey. I believe in the beauty of our journey. So Universe, Here you go. I am ready. I am putting these out there for another New Year. I will dream, believe and sweat my ass off to accomplish each one. These are my goals for 2014...

1. Go on my first mission trip in a new country. - I've dreamed about this since I was a teen in my hometown church. The problem is, I haven't found one trip or organization that really speaks to me. They ALL sound wonderful and life changing and so full of purpose. I need to find one that works directly with women, helping them to achieve, overcome, learn and grow. Women who are unstoppable. Do you know of any? Please comment below and share their names or your experiences as I really want to find the right one!

2. Get strong! - This means no more excuses. My baby is no longer a baby, he's five. My high risk pregnancies and resulting weak core muscles do not control me, should not limit me, and the extra weight needs to come off. My hernia surgery, yeah it sucked, but now it's time to own it and fight back! I am challenging myself with a personal race this year, and it will push me to stick with an exercise routine. I want to be in the best shape of my life, not so I can look good… so I can FEEL strong and healthy again.

3. Find a new charity or philanthropy to partner with that fulfills my WHY. - My mission is to work with women who have found strength through adversity, and to help tell their story while also celebrating their many accomplishments along the way. Women who are unstoppable and who's self-worth is tied to more than just the titles that she is given, the many hats (or roles) she wears, or her outer appearance. I welcome your feedback or ideas if you have any to share in the comments as well.

4. Be more fearless! - Not just in my words but in my actions and in how I choose to live every single day. I need to stop caring what other people think and just follow my gut, which is telling me to cut my hair short again… to move… to live with more intention… and to go sky diving or bungee jumping in the future (gulp)!!!

5. Audit my business systems and processes. - I need to look at my most complicated workflow and simplify it. I need to improve my overall after-the-session experience so it is seamless and goes smoothly, and consider which outside partners may help make me faster or more efficient in that process.

6. Grow my business by reaching my ideal clients. - I need to push forward and continue my marketing efforts in unique ways and get my WHY and my message out there in front of as many women as possible.

7. Find a new workshop or take a new class that pushes me beyond my comfort zone. - I need to research something intimate and hands on so I can build relationships and also challenge myself with doing beautifully lit indoor portraits in my nostalgic style.

8. Make more time for my husband (Ben Lehberger). - With all of my challenges and personal struggles to find fulfillment and happiness I often take his support for granted. He has given me the freedom to choose and to take my much needed leaps of faith. Now that I have found my clarity and know what fulfills me, I need to take more time to celebrate our successes as a couple and find us again after all these years.

9. Clear the clutter. - In my office, in my home, in my personal life. Keep saying no to the tasks that create chaos, aren't fulfilling or important. Remove any unwanted or unnecessary items from the space that is supposed to inspire me. Clear myself of the obstacles that are in my way and make room for the joy, clarity and creativity that I know is ahead of me.

10. Finally make the time to preserve my family's memories and to get photos printed. - I don't have a single photo album of my children because I've always been too busy and everything lives on a hard drive. I need to stop making excuses, find the time or carve it out, and just do it! I have always wanted these to be perfect, so I need to remind myself that the kids don't want perfect memories. They just want something to look back on… something to show them how important they are, how loved they are, and how much they matter. Something that shows them without a doubt that they belong and that they are a part of our story.

highest aspirations and goals

Cheers to another year of life, to experiencing new things, and to finding the gratitude with each new day.