Moment Protector | Fairfield, CT Family Portraits


I know why you are so sentimental. I feel the same way. My eyes well up with emotions just thinking about how treasured this time is with my family. It's sacred. It's beloved. It's cherished. And, I know fully well that it will be even more so in the future, because... ...there will come a time when they won't need you to zipper them up.


...there will come a time when he trades his perfect little bowl (hair) cut for something trendy that the big kids have.


...there will come a time when they won't ask you to cuddle on the couch and read them stories.


...there will come a time when they won't rest easily on your shoulders, fit nice and cozy on your lap, or tuck perfectly below your chin where you can smell their shampoo and sticky fingers.


...there will come a time when they won't snuggle up on your chest as you lay relaxing on the couch.


...there will come a time when her softest bunny will no longer sooth her or dry her tears.


...there will come a time when they will hide their silly faces and spunky personalities from the camera.


...there will come a time when you look back and remember how fleeting these moments were.


My hope for you is that as you look back on these photographs in five, fifteen or thirty years from now, you will remember just how exciting, dreamy and adventurous your life has been. [Tweet "I want your children to get a glimpse of their lives and see how much they were adored."]

I pray that each of you will look back on this time and realize that these really were (and are) the best of times, because "a happy family is but an earlier heaven". - George Bernard Shaw