She's Going Back to Work


I often get asked if I photograph newborns. You mean, the beautiful and tiny little beings that come into our lives and leave us forever changed? newborn-baby-mother-son-photos-01newborn-baby-mother-son-photos-02

Why yes, I do. And it's important to note that I will only photograph your newborn if you also believe that you are part of the story and your presence matters. I would especially love to photograph them if you are heading back to work and are struggling with the guilt that sometimes follows this decision. Because boy do I remember that guilt. And boy do I remember the shame that told me I was less of a Mom if I went back. Recently I photographed Jess and her sweet boy, Mason. Soon she is heading back to work, and I'm pretty sure I know all of the fears that are racing through her heart and mind.


And whatever you do, Jess, don't listen to those irrational fears. Instead, trust your intuition and listen to it. If deep inside you know that this choice (although not easy) will be the best for your family, listen. If deep inside you know that just because you have a career, passion or ambition it doesn't mean that you are any less of a Mom, listen. If deep inside you are confident that this work provides you with growth and fulfillment, listen. Intuition is our compass and it will guide you.


Remember, that at the end of the day, you will always be enough for your little one(s). You are the smile that they come home to. You are the warm embrace after a skinned knee or a tough day. You are the woman that they look up to and the one who will have taught them that they could be anyone or do anything if they worked hard and believed. You are doing great, and it's your right to do what works best for your family. Together we can let go of the fear, guilt and shame, and enjoy raising kids on our own terms.