Surround Yourself with Greatness

Do you spend your time with the people who lift you up? The ones who fill your bucket when you need it most?  It has taken me some time to get this concept... because I just wanted to be liked or loved by all.  Can you relate? For me, it was hard navigating the waters of being in a new town in the 'burbs, while also being a business owner, oh and then I had two little ones.  I wanted to be the fun playdate Mom while they were young, yet I was still the savvy business owner and had to choose my priorities.  I wanted to do it all, photograph everything, and still be social and make friends with everyone.  I just couldn't keep up.  It wore me down both physically and mentally. At the end of the day, I found it hard to choose but I knew I had to.

Choosing whether to be liked by all (by being available, saying yes to everything, and being generic) or choosing to just be myself (by following my passions, saying no to certain opportunities, and being bold) even if it meant I would polarize some against me and risk being unloved.  Well, I chose to be me and to be unique, and I learned that I liked myself better this way... and that more people would too if they just had a chance to get to know me!  You know, the real and authentic me.  The bold, free spirited and honest Sarah.  The idealistic girl who sees the world in rose-colored glasses.  The smart woman who dreams big and wants to inspire and be inspired.  The Sarah who has a voice and wants to affect change in the world.

So what did I find after choosing? I found that the universe knew all along.  That the exact people that I needed to be friends with because they "got me", they were there all along.  The ones who didn't get me or like me, well they found new friends. And the universe, she sent me some new friends too.  These new friends... I hope they know who they are once they read this.  They've taken a chance on me, when they could have run in the opposite direction.  They chose to stand by me when things got hard or when I needed some (tough) love.  They were believers.

These new friends, they are also the doers and the thinkers of the world... and they have their own wild and crazy dreams! The universe, she knew I needed them: my Team-X community, my mastermind ladies, my tribe of fearless women, my coffee and goals support group, my people.  These people saw greatness in me, and I'm pretty sure that it's the same (unique) greatness that I see in them.

Sarah Lehberger Dreamers Quote

Who is your support system that is interested in seeing you succeed?  If you don't know, find them!  They might just be your greatest blessing and source of inspiration.  But then again, you probably already know this... and if you are like me then you are eternally grateful for them.