Their first born.

When I first connected with Cynthia, her son Jack had recently been born and she had wanted to set up a time for us to do some family portraits. He was a few months old when we got together and he had those perfectly round cheeks and squishy hands that you just can't help but gush over. ridgefield-ct-family-portraits-01

These are the tiny details that us nostalgic Moms look back on as our children grow. The bright eyes, the soft and fuzzy hair that likes to stand up straight on their heads, the chubby fingers and toes that you will nibble and tickle until their belly laugh (or your own) is too much too handle.


We give up so much in those first few months (and years) to make sure that these little beings survive, and it is so worth it! And there is one thing I want you to know. As your photographer, I want YOU to be seen. I want you to be appreciated and valued for your accomplishments. Child rearing included. ;-)


While you took turns rocking Jack, I couldn't help but smile from a far. I knew that in this same chair your Grandmother spent countless nights rocking you, and dreaming about your future. Just as you are doing for your own son.ridgefield-ct-family-portraits-05

One thing is certain. This time shall pass. I want you to have something to look back upon that will remind you of more than the incredible gift that you have received. I want you to look back and celebrate the journey that forever changed you and your capacity to love. I want you to see the beautiful woman and resilient spirit that you are!

Hugs and Kisses, Sarah