Motherhood & Family


My photography style is best suited for moms with sentimental hearts, strong family values, and a yearning for kitchen dance parties with their spunky and determined kids. Together, we'll tell a vivid story of how your dreams turned into your everyday life (despite the chaos, struggle or mess), and you are better now because of it. We'll embrace the milk mustaches, skinned knees and muffin top, because we both know that there is beauty in the imperfection. We'll exhale, knowing that these moments were once a prayer that has since been answered. We'll find the magic in the tender or exhilarating moments between you and your babies. We'll let go of the idea of what it was supposed to be or look like, and celebrate the gift of today! Because your story matters (to your children and to me) and you deserve to be in the photo. And even though you are busy trying to change the world, change a lightbulb or change that diaper, you are never too busy to show them the love and fulfillment they bring.


I will help you press pause on this season of your life. Because you will always be at the heart of your family's story. 
Isn't it time you were in the photos too?

[Sessions start at $350]




Sometimes life requires a bold portrait. 
Whether you are starting a new job, celebrating a huge accomplishment, launching that new blog or start up - we should chat! 
I am passionate about encouraging and empowering unstoppable women, and I want to see you succeed. 
I work with creatives, small business owners, executives and entrepreneurs to help them market or build their brands.
We'll bring out the intentional, confident and authentic you in your photos!


Let's collaborate on your portrait or project today! For business coaching, please visit my other website at
[Sessions start at $250]




Documentary photography for women supporting women! Whether you are in need of someone to cover the event from start to finish, lead the photo and media team for a longer project or provide coverage for a few hours, you can rest assured knowing that I've got you covered. Event photography is where my career started back in 2003.


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